Everything we do is different. Better.

Reasons we stand out from the crowd…


Fully Animated.

Everything is animatedto scalematching what you are doing.

All tools and techniques are aminated to scale so that you can follow along with your work. It’s a personal demonstration of everything you’re learning.

Try this step-by-step technique for calculating the height-of-tide at a given time.


A helping hand at every step.

It’s like having an instructor sitting beside youat every stage.

We live by the mantra that we learn from our mistakes. At the core of any classroom course is an instructor to correct you. We’ve recreated this digitally. Throughout the course, every session & every question provides a debriefing based on the answer given. We’ve made them adaptive, so depending on how you answer, the debriefing is tailored accordingly, picking up on common mistakes and getting you back on track.

Tap the hotspots to learn more about each module and try an example question from the module’s exercise.


Tips’n’tricks galore.

The juicy extras you’d expect in the classroom are embedded along the journey.

We’ve built in the value-added tips’n’trick you’d get from an instructor in a classroom. You get far more from each session than the core teaching points; you get real-world tips and tricks for your onward journey.

Try our AIS & ENC Symbol Simulator, just one of many, including all GNSS navigation techniques.


Designed around you and your busy life!

Bite-sized sessions, each between 10 & 20 minutes, are easy to fit into your busy schedule.

We’ve designed everything to fit around you. Each session is between 10 and 20 minutes, so you can fit the course around your busy schedule or run through multiple sessions. The choice is yours!

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Support where you want it.

Our support is accessible where you are: by telephone, email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Online course benefits include flexibility–you can choose when and where to study. We took this further and made it simple to contact us–however you want. You can talk to our instructors via phone, email, virtual face-to-face, WhatsApp or SMS.


Support when you want it.

You choose when your instructor support starts and pause it if needed using our innovative active support pause.

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way! Your 12 months of support starts once you’re ready and doesn’t have to run consecutively. You can pause your support three times and resume it when you’re ready to pick up again. We’ll even monitor your activity and ask if you want to pause your support time should you become inactive.


No nasty surprises.

Everything needed to complete the course is included in the priceincluding the time needed. The price you see is the price you’ll pay*.

Our course pack includes everything – we mean everything needed.

There are no ‘hidden extras’. Your course pack has everything neededincluding a Bretton Course Plotter and dividersto complete the course. We wouldn’t sell you a car without wheels!

There are no surprise course re-activation fees; you control when your support is active.

Research informed us that many students get caught out by ‘re-activation’ fees. We didn’t think that was a fair way to operate, so we developed Active Support Pause, the ability to complete the course in your own time, whatever else life throws you!

* Delivery fees may apply if outside the UK & Ireland


You get access forlife.

Your journey continues when you complete the course, so why should you lose access?

Are you worried there’ll be a gap between completing your theory and starting your practical course? We don’t take away your course access once you’ve finished. It’s yours, for as long as you want it.

Unless you delete your account, you can use it for revision before your practical course or to check in before you go on a charter holiday as a refresher, for example. It’s yours, forever.


We make sure you're on the right path.

A face-to-face debriefing offers a chance to run through the assessment and plot your next steps.

At the end of your course, you'll have a (Zoom-style) debriefing. It offers an opportunity to run through the assessment, iron out any 'wobbles', and ensure you understood the principles of each assessed technique, removing the 'computer says no' problem!

We ensure you are prepared for the next steps of your journey.

Online learning, designed for you.